Leeds Highways Department

branha estateEmail to Leeds Highways


Further to our phone call of 30/8/2016

I have enclosed an account of what happened in the evening/morning of 28th -29th August 2016 at the end of the Leeds Festival.

I have a few questions that you may be able to help me with.

Do the organisers have to apply for permission to put a sign on the motorway/ road?

Do they make the signs and do they position them themselves?

This is important as the signage was totally inadequate.

Does the Traffic Management Plan submitted include on site traffic management?  In the case of the Leeds Festival the lack of on site traffic management impacted the public roads immensely.

leeds festival parking chaosAre there any rules, regulation advice or the like, governing how large an event is and therefore the anticipated traffic flow; and whether or not this is acceptable and supported by the size of the public roads.  For example the Leeds Festival has a capacity of  90000. The majority of the cars, both parked and pick up vehicles, feed onto one small lane. There is one entrance and one exit for up to 90000 cars and it also a pedestrian exit.

Has anyone in the Highways Department carried out a traffic flow analysis of how long it would take for a very large volume of  cars possibly up to 90000 in this case, to leave through one exit? The exact number of cars parked can be found from the organisers by the number of parking passes they have sold.

Has anyone established how long it takes for a given number of cars, say 10000 wishing to pick up people from the site to enter through one small entrance gate?

There must be a calculation for these

Then has anyone considered whether this is logistically possible?

I experienced first hand the traffic chaos after the Leeds Festival on Sunday/Monday and I am astounded that the organisers are permitted to do this. I can say that it is not logistically possible without causing utter misery at best and risking people’s lives at worst.

I have on my blog a Google Maps picture of the site showing many more tracks which could be used as feeder tracks to roads which disperse traffic faster. If necessary the land owners the Lane Foxes can apply to make new accesses to the highway if they don’t want people passing their house using existing gates. The artists and VIPS would not I assume put up what what I and my daughter encountered so there must be alternative exits.

In short there needs to be much less capacity and many more entrances and exits with an intelligent traffic flow plan.  The organiser responsible  Mr Melvyn Benn has had the same issues with T in the Park Festival in Scotland. This is a link to him talking about it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsw2kNmdnDw

How he is not aware of what happened is beyond me and I believe that he is aware.

Please let me know if there is anything you can do to fix this for next year. If you have no powers as the Highways Department then the government needs to do something about the legislation regarding large festivals.

Kind regards,














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